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I went to the Gloucester Shaw's and to my surprise, NO PARKING SPACES, Ridiculous! I was told corporate does nothing about this problem.

Ten months out of the year I am a very loyal and great customer in terms of dollars. I am a person of principals, and If I don't see something being done in a couple of weeks You will lose me as a very valuable customer. Your employees are taking heat for this bone headed decision to do nothing. Your people will let me know if anything is happening to remedy this real problem.

I can go to Crosby's or the Common Crow and get everything I can get at Shaws. I can be reached at bythesea1@comcast.net Looking forward to your response......

Review about: Shaws Parking.

Reason of review: Beach Parking!!!.

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You are an *** to complain about all the parking lot being full. Other people have every right to shop too.

You may blame corporate but why don't you blame the Township.

Newsflash....they denied Shaws request and permit to expand this certain parking lot. What is ridiculous is you complaining about something that you know nothing about

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