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6/24/2018 Love the bagel special Shaw's has on Sunday. I usally go to the Bangor store they bagel display looks awesome all set with all the kinds that Shaw's carries when the doors open, well on the 24 I wasn't in the Bangor area, I live in New Sharon about 28 or so miles to the Augusta store, I when to the bakery and don't see them asked the girls and they told me it was down by the cashiers walk down there end up walking right by it, when I did see it, I could not believe the display it nothing to compare to the Bangor store, plus they did not have all the kinds out yet I was told the blueberry which I came for would be a while cause they take long to proof, well I did not want to wait around so I call Waterville store they told me they have all kinds out already so after driving 28 plus mile I head up to Waterville just to get the bagels ( 2 Doz). I figurer if the store going to open to the public at 7 AM should have everything ready for the customers. You should give a award to the Bangor store cause every time I go in there it ready, maybe the two stores should take some notices' from the Bangor shop. I willn't be going back to Augusta store again maybe Waterville.

Thank You

Dennis McCourt

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