Because shows did not remove shopping carts in parking lot, the wind blew

A cart into my vehicle and put a dent in it. Shaws declined

My claim.

They do not return phone calls. Do not shop at shaws unless you don't care if a carriage dents

Your vehicle. They will deny your claim. They won't show you video of the parking lot.

I will not use my own insurance to cover this. It's a 2011 vehicle and shaws should have removed

The carts from the parking lot and put them where they belong, in the carriage return area.

Will be going to small claims court soon.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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well lets put it this way.... thet wont pay!!!!! you need to read the fine print on the carrige holders,,,,,,they are not responcible for lost or damaged veichles!!!!!!!


People are to blame for being too lazy to put carts in the proper places. You remember that the next time you just push a cart aside or leave it on the curb.

Be sure to sit there and wait for the up close spot while holding every one else up too.

If it was done by wind, that is considered an "act of god". Read any insurance policy.

Nice shot Mayhem!

Nail this whiny *** again. May he suffer many door dings.


Most businesses have signs saying they are not responsible for damage caused by shopping carts. I have always wondered about this.

If it is their parking lot and their carts, why aren't they?

Anyone know what their responsibility is. Any case law on this?

to nikalseyn #1628914

In most cases, the parking lot is not owned by the retailer, but by the landlord who owns the building or shopping center. That's why most cart corrals have that disclaimer on them

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