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On Sunday July 9th I stopped in Shaw's in Canton to pick up Lobsters and cold cuts. There was a long wait at the Deli as they only had two "sleepwalking" staffers taking their sweet time.

I asked if there was anyone else that could help and they "don't know". I was able to pick up my lobsters but overall wasted 35 minutes and couldn't get the deli items I needed because of extremely poor and inadequate staffing. This is the height of BBQ season and they had only 2 bozos at the deli with 13 people waiting. I also launched a complaint at the "so-called" customer service with a teen.

Also long check out lines due to limited cashiers. I should have driven to Stop and Shop or Market Basket but I live in. Canton and it was convenient. I will not shop at Shaws Canton again.

This is caused from trying to maximize profit at the cost of letting customers wait all day for just a "little service". Overall, this experience a (-1) on a scale of 10.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: It's very simple. During the height of BBQ and picnic season along with other activities have adequate help at the seafood and deli counters. Stop being so goddam cheap by making customers wait all friggin day. This is unacceptable and I am taking my .

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Understandably you were upset for having to wait. Unfortunately any empathy you had with me was gone the minute you called these employees bozos and started cursing. I'm am 100% positive you got what you deserved

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