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I was charged a higher amount than posted on the shelf for a product. I went to the customer service desk and was given the difference (and some comments that I considered somewhat rude). I mentioned that I thought I was entitled to the product for free. The person told me that since it was not advertised in their weekly flyer, I was only eligible for the price difference. I looked this up at the Connecticut consumer protection site, and it is not correct, I should have gotten the item for free.

What is most disturbing is that I emailed Shaw's on 9/16/08, again a week later, then a third time a week later. All I ever received in reply was the automated responses saying that I would receive a reply in 24 hours (never did). I finally called them and was told that they would forward the issue to the store manager and district manager - that was a week ago and still no response.

I don't expect any store to be perfect, but why have a way to report issues and never respond?

This occurred at the Shaw's store in Canton, CT.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Wow. I can't believe all the Shaw's employees going on here and bashing customers!

If the rules state that an item is supposed to be free if wrongly marked, then that's what is supposed to happen!

Amazing people giving this person a hard time for expecting a store to do what it is supposed to do! *** employees on this site should shut up and be grateful for a job instead of trying to drive customers away!


ya know its people like YOU that really *** me off. they gave you the money back get over yourself.

ur not king *** so dont expect go get treated so highly. crack the classic "fine ill go to hannafords" joke and be on ur way.


shaws finest


This is absolutly rediculous. Honestly who do you think you are and honestly what TROUBLE did you have to go through? It was the wrong price and you had to go over to the service desk so you could get the item for the price oyu intended on playing in the first place.We are all humans and make honest mistakes, were not running around trying to make your life harder.

Guess what, this is the REAL WORLD and nothing comes for free, GET OVER IT!


I also work at Shaws, customers are out of control. They want everything for free and want to sue over everything.

However this is what causes high pricing. We all make mistakes get over it. If it is busy and there are lines its not the managers falt that everyone happen to go shopping all at the same time.

The more help you see in the store the higher the pricing. People need to get over it!!


you knuckleheaded conn. residents dont deserve a first class operation like shaws. drop dead!!


shaws handles everything they do in the wrong manner. they are closing and selling off all their stores. thank god :p


Go to Hannaford, they give you the item free plus a dollar for your troubles, and never complain about doing it. Stores should realize, they have employees whose only job is pricing. No excuse, except that Shaws is terrible!


:cry I also work at Shaw's and everyday someone is always looking for something for nothing.. If customers complain enough, my manager will usually give them a gift card just to shut them up.

You have to remember that customer's are WRONG 99% of the time. Unfortunately they are the ones that pay our paychecks.


I also work at a shaws and yes you use to get the item for free but no more only the difference. Employ's attitude I can't commit on because there is always two sides to the store.

Emails get sent now to the home office of supervalu unfortunately they are still working out some kinks


Well i work at a shaws near my house and its true the company gave item free if it ring up wrong that was like 1 or 2 years ago. We are now owned by supervalu and that company got rid of that in all its stores. its now the difference between the 2 prices.


They gave you the difference back. I don't understand why everytime something happens people ALWAYS want something for FREE.

They made a mistake and they corrected it.

The attitude of the Clerk is a whole other matter. But when people have pricing errors they cannot fix them unless they are told about it but don't expect to be given the item FREE.


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