I am an employee for Shaw's Star Markets and on April 11, 2014, I was asked to work till 3pm. I agreed to this and was then asked to work until 4pm.

My flat feet and heel spurs were bothering me and I said no. I was told that that was fine with my supervisor however both of my supervisors left at ten minutes till 3 and I ended up working until 4 anyway as they were gone well over an hour to cover the salesfloor. I told the manager today, named Mike Rappa and he raised his voice to me saying, "Is this going to take long??" and then said, "I HAD A PERSONAL MEETING WITH THEM!!" I thought that this was very unprofessional as they did not even communicate where they had gone and I had absolutely no way of knowing where they were if I needed them or absolutely had to be somewhere.

To me, this is very unprofessional for a manager to handle thing even if he did need them for some reason at least they could have made some kind of effort to let me know.. Am voicing my views on here since I can't find any other way to communicate it and because it truly upset me with how everything was handled..

Product or Service Mentioned: Shaws Manager.

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