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why is it that every time I walk into a shaws supermarket they have a price (lets say 10 for 10$ and you walk up to the register and all of a sudden it's 7 for 10? I use this supermarket as a last ditch effort for milk and coffee and sugar and thats about it (the shaws in nashua NH)

I would drive 50 miles out of my way if I had too..

to spend more just because of the way they over price there product so as to seem a one stop shop or a BK's or Sams if you have your card! but you really don't get a better price...

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Go to Market Basket across from Pheasant Ln mall or up on 101A, or one of the other two "Basket's" in Nashua. Get 2-3x more products for the same amount of money that Shaw's charges exorbitant amounts for, even with the ridiculous Shaw's "savings card".

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