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Shaw’s supermarket is guilty of legal thievery in that of every price error, 95% of the errors are in the favor of Shaw’s. Most recently I was in the Tilton NH store and I had purchased a $2.49 fruit cake and the item was charged at $4.99. When I called to advise them the manager at he other end was snidely. Bad enough they stole money from me, I had to listen to the manager be snidely to me.

In the past, while shopping at the Plaistow NH store, I had found a charge identified as “Geno in pursuit” in the amount of $26.00. I was outraged to the point that I called the Plaistow NH store only to have the managed be evasive concerning what the charge was. I was told that he only way I could get a refund was to come into the store. I spent the time and money to go there and was simply told that I would receive a refund. Further, they would not say what the charge was about.

Upon a chat with an employee, I found out hat it was a hacker that entered the system and there were many charges to customers. At what point will we have punitive action against these thieves? I guess until that point we should just keep out of the store.

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I worked at Shaw's not only do they rip people off they routinely change OOC dates on store cut items.


And one last thing before I forget, about Shaws Cards. Those things are RIP OFFS.

The store offers special "savings" but you HAVE TO get this piece of plastic in order for the savings. And if you happen to forget it at home, you either a) need to spend 10 minutes looking up your account number or b) need to abandon the savings.

They want your money. Thats it.


Alright. To everyone who hated on the author of this post, shut the *** up. I've worked at Shaw's as a cashier for 3 years, and a good one at that. But, for you to even THINK that big corporations don't steal from customers is a travesty.

Our country is run by Wall Street. The majority of companies out there want nothing else but sucking all the money out of your wallets. Thats a fact.

The customer service at Shaw's is always less than average. I try my best to be polite to customers, but when you work in a store as *** as this, it's pretty hard to stay happy and cheery.

Walter, keep it up. Don't support the corporations. You're doing a good thing by getting your opinion heard. As for the rest of you fools, do not speak unless it improves upon silence.

If that's too confusing, I'll rephrase it: Before you bash on a stranger on the internet, make sure that what you're saying is accurate. (Yes, I might be being a but hypocritical, but at least I don't think that corporations are "our friends." Idiots.


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What do you expect when your rude to someone, theyre going to be nice to you back? Im sure you werent pleasent to speak to on the phone.

and its called a SHAWS CARD! you need a shaws card to get things for the sale price. If you are to oblivious to know that, you shouldnt be going to shaws or in public for that matter.

Do you seriously blame the store for a hacker?!?! think about someone else for a change maybe you make yourself look like an *** when you try to blame other people for things that are your fault.r


Ive wany corporatuionorked at Shaws for ten years now and you're a common customer example. You would need to come in to the store in any corporation to get a refund. And as far as the fruitcake price "error" READ THE *** TAGS CORRECTLY


no business on earth is intentionally trying to rip someone off. cashier error, *** stock clerks and simpleton customers are the usual culprits in price discrepancies


stores dont straight up steal from anyone. get a sounds like you are just looking for someone to blame and yeah, how else are you going to get your money besides coming into the store?

a corporation isnt going to go through the trouble for your information to mail you a $26 check. by the time you get it and cash it the money would be loonnng forgotten.


cant everyone *** complain about something else you should of saw the charge right there in line before you left and made it a point that you want something done about it not *** at someone on the phone, put you self in the managers shoes you get to work and you gotta listen to bitchy custumers all day i would of said too *** bad dont shop here next time


The gilford store is even worse. the store manager there is rude whenever you bring errors to his attention. Better to shop at a better supermarket than at Shaws.

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:cry lady get a life

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