I'm pissed.

I usually shop at Stop & Shop in Seekonk, Ma., but Shaw's in Riverside is much closer to my home so, if I only need a few things, I reluctantly go there.

I should know better. Their shelves are always empty. If you don't get there at the crack of dawn the day the sale starts, you can forget about sale items. They'll give you a rain check but what good is that if you need the item today?

They always have a 'survey' on the bottom of their receipt and I always say the same thing...your buyer is incompetent, and explain why...but conditions never change; the store never orders enough of the product that is going on sale.

I understand that bread and water would be hard to find because of hurricane, Earl, (and I didn't need those items today anyway) but most of the shelves for the sale items, at 10 AM the day of the sale, were empty.

So, now I have to go to another store anyway, I should have just done all my shopping at Stop & Shop, their shelves are always fully stocked and their prices are lower than Shaw's too...like I said, I should know better but why drive miles out of my way when I just need a few thing?? I keep hoping that they'll have what I need in stock.

Yeah, I'm pissed but a lot of good it will do me. This Shaw's "Supermarket", (that's a very loose categorization), will never change until they get a buyer that knows how to order.

Stop and Shop for me from now on, the heck with the sale items at Shaw's...the heck with Shaw's.

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I'm glad their all out of CT, Shaws was the worst


you people are *** for writing an article like this one and commenting on it


Infortuately,us people of ct have lost all 18 shaws stores earlier this year. They were expensive but thier products were always the best. I still go to shaws when im in ct or nh,but thats not as often as it used to be.

Merrillville, Indiana, United States #186029

Shaws just does not have the budget to keep their shelves as stocked as Stop 'n Shop.

In my area it also appears they don't appear to have the money to keep the store brightly lit. It is always dark and dreary the few times I shopped there.


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