Shaw's is apparently supporting and sponsoring (Platinum no less) the New Hampshire Grocers Association, which is also sponsored by RJ Reynolds, and this "Association" is supporting legislation to make cigarettes cheaper in New Hampshire, which will lead to increased teen smoking, increase health care costs, and lead to more cancer deaths.

Why would a responsible corporation like Shaw's support such a screwball group with such a screwball pro tobacco agenda as the New Hampshire Grocers Association? Maybe, we should consider shopping at stores which don't support such tobacco industry sponsored groups as the New Hampshire Grocers Association, who are supporting cheaper cigarettes and increased health care costs to be paid by the rest of us?

Or maybe, Shaw's could do the right thing and not put their money behind a group actively schilling for big tobacco's efforts to increase cigarette related deaths in New Hampshire?

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Hampstead, New Hampshire, United States #591504

retarded comment. so lower alcohol prices would allow teens to drink more too?

or lower potato chip rpices will make them fatter? try PARENTING ***


Of course a store wants to be free to offer the most products at the lowest cost. The decision to smoke or not is not made at the store.

Teens who want to smoke will smoke. It is already illegal for them to buy them at any price.

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