Shaws supermarket in Brockton Mass. on cresent st.

should be ashamed for letting there handy-cap carts get in such bad shape. there is three of them and one does not work. The other two are running very slow or dead, they never have a good charge even first thing in Am. Also the seats are torn.I broke my ankle and can not walk the store, I had to go to the other side of town to find a cart that works.

I complained to managers to no avail. I am Pissed that a big company like shaws can not get new carts,there are so many people that need them to shop for food.

Please tell Shaws they need to fix the problem.

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I can't stop laughing at you black people

:grin (1)The person said they broke their ankle, not that they were too fat to walk the store and (2) if someone has a temporary disability such as a broken ankle, they would not have the need to own their own cart to ride on.

if you hate it so much; SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!


Ive worked for Shaw's for ten years as of 2010. a New motorized cart costs thousands of dollars.Expenses like that cause your everyday shelf prices to rise.


^^^^ best responce of the year LOL

If its because you are too fat to get around; Loose some weight(HA). If you have a disability you should have your own!


Why should a store have to provide a cart for you to ride on? If you needed one to get around you should have your own.

How is it other peoples responsibility to use their profits to cary you around!

If its because you are to fat to get around; Loose some weight. If you have a dissability you should have your own!

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