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Avoid the Shaws/Star Market at 699 Mt Auburn Street Cambridge, MA at all costs.

The employees in this store are the rudest.

I have had 3 different instances of being treated poorly at this Shaws/Star Market. The first occasion was about 2 months ago. I had an issue and went to the service desk to ask for the manager. The kid at the service desk looked like he couldn't be bothered. He paged the manager who did not want to come up. I said I would like to speak to him. The kid at the service desk threw a temper tantrum, slamming the service desk door.

I was contacted by the store director who was actually on her last day. Based on her apologies and assurances I gave this location another try. This time I am at the prepared foods area where they have some hot chicken, pizza, etc. There is one other person ahead of me. We both wait 10 minutes before someone even comes over. Then they came over wait on the person in front of me. They then look at me and say Ill be with you in a couple of minutes. I was on my lunch break at work so I was upset and asked for the manager. The person waiting on me responded with "You will have to wait for me to get the manager!" I left the store. I contacted their customer care via email. The store manager refused to speak to me leaving it on the night manager. I email the president of Shaws and I now get contacted by the district manager for that store. He apologies offers me a gift card and to give them another chance. I go in the next day the store director now speaks to me gives me a gift card.

I wait about a week before using the gift card. I finally go in. I now see they have removed their self checkouts. This is now making the lines even longer as yes its great you go through an actual person but they do not have extra cashiers on to make up for the loss of 4 self checkouts. I go through the register. There is a cashier there named Rachel. She does not even speak to me and is being very short as she was with the people in front of me. She takes my items and basically tosses them in the bag. I ask her to get me new items as now my soda bottle is all shaken up and my bread squashed. She tells me I can get them myself. I was not at all pleased.

I make contact again with the district manager who is shocked but apologizes. He asks what he can do to keep me as a customer. I tell him there isn't much. He says he really does not want to lose me as a customer and asks me to make a grocery list. He will have the groceries delivered to me at no cost(no cost for the groceries, no cost of the delivery!). I am very pleased at the outcome. The next day the assistant manager Willmar comes to my house delivers the groceries.

There were a few items he was not able to bring. I work next door to this location so I decide to go in the store and pick up the items. I go in at 5:30pm on a Friday night. There are 3 registers open and very long lines. I watch as people start leaving their items and just walking out of the store. I now walk over to the podium where the head cashier is at noticing the person just standing there. To my surprise the same employee who was so rude to me is in charge of the front end I ask her if there will be any other registers open. I am hopeful she is going to try and make up for the rudeness of the other day. Instead, her response "Why would I help you after you complained about me!?" Unreal. I leave the store and I vow I will never go back.

Everyone should also note the produce in this location is never very fresh. As I said the employees many are very rude. The prices are really not that great.

Avoid the Shaws/Star Market at 699 Mt Auburn Street Cambridge, MA. Worst shopping and customer service experience ever at this location!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #720348

It appears you are always in a hurry, but still take time to want to talk to a manager. People that are really in a hurry don't do that. I think you just like to make trouble.

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